Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Lookbook




This is the new place to find trends. 

With an international following and a quick eye for trends on the street, LOOKBOOK is the place to post your favorite fashion or just follow others along on their fashion quest.

"Founded in 2008, LOOKBOOK.nu is the original 
user-generated & community-curated gallery 
showcasing do-it-yourself fashion photography from 
everyday people, everywhere.” 

LOOKBOOK.nu was launched in April last year by 24-year-old Californian Yuri Lee and her boyfriend Jason Su. Neither has any background in fashion but saw the emerging trend for people looking at fashion, talking about fashion and even making their first steps towards a career in fashion by getting online and decided, as Lee says "to organise it, and take it global”. 

--Jasmine Gardner, “Is this going to be the new route to planet fashion?”, London Evening Standard, September 2009.

After browsing the trends and fashions, I joined the site and quickly received reviews from fashionistas around the world.

Thanx dear:) more looks please:) 

Fantastic look! loveeee it!

From the Forest to the Street


                                  New FASHION find: Tanner from California, United States



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashion Sneak Peek!

Here's my fashion video!

Tips on the latest fashions without spending a fortune.

Blouse and skinny jeans from Thrift Queen
Go out tonight in style!

Dress it up for evening in a silver lamé cardigan, worn over a dress and skinny jeans, it makes the perfect ensemble.
Cardigan from Thrift Queen
Dress from BOHO

Make your own flirty style in a sequined half-vest and a lace skirt over your dress.
Add your own jewelry and accessories for a formal flair. 
Outfit from BOHO for under $30!

Show your quirky style! 
With combat boots and a bolero hat.
Boots from Forever 21

Total spent at Thrift Queen: $30
Total spent at BOHO: $25

Silver Lamé cardigan, as seen in, Coolspotters:

Victoria Beckham

 Combat boots, seen in, Lucky 21 
Celebrities in Combat Boots

Bolero Hats are Back!
As seen in:
Ralph Lauren

---Have Fun With Fashion!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shalom Free Clinic Review

This was my first time at the clinic, since I had heard from my friends that it was a good place to go to for check-ups and referrals. 

I don't have a regular doctor, even though I have insurance, not every doctor accepts it and some can't take any more patients. It's really frustrating to get healthcare in Chico, and sometimes Enloe and its Prompt Care center isn't that great. I've never been to the Immediate Care center downtown (I've heard it's bad!), or the former Del Norte clinics which have changed their name to Ampla Health. 

So I biked on over to the church on East First Ave, and looked for the entrance to the clinic. At first I couldn't see where to go, there was a sign but I almost went into the church office before I went around back to the children's preschool area where they had the clinic. I would suggest maybe more signs or at least a chalk arrow for people arriving at the other end. 

You sign up at the front entrance, where you can also give a donation and take a number. It's all anonymous, so you don't have to worry about putting your name down or anything like that. Then you go to the waiting room, where there is some food and drinks and wait. I would suggest bringing something to read, because it's a long wait, especially if they are busy. 

There was a pharmacist guy to answer any medication questions and a table where you could learn about how to eat right. It's OPT for Healthy Living program, and I talked to the volunteers who are health and nutrition majors. 

Since it was my first time, I had to wait for them to make me a folder, discuss my privacy rights and set up my first visit with a doctor or nurse. Another person took my vital signs (blood pressure, heart beat rate, etc.), so nothing too scary.

Then I waited in line for my number to be called.

I was just there for a referral (Gynecology), so I didn't need to see a doctor or nurse for anything important. But I had to wait about two-and-a-half hours before I finally asked to speak to someone and they wrote down where I could go.

Shalom Free Clinic is a non-emergency clinic and you are advised that if you have an emergency, seek immediate medical help somewhere else. For a list of what the Shalom Free Clinic provides, go to their website:

The types of services they provide include basic medical and mental/behavior health services. The Shalom Free Clinic is open every Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. with no appointment needed. There is no charge for services they provide. 

The Clinic is entirely staffed by both medical and non-medical volunteers. You can also volunteer (http://www.shalomfreeclinic.org/Volunteer.htm) to provide medical or non-medical help such as Waiting Room Attendant, Food and Drink Server, Receptionist, and more. 

The only types of medical services they don't provide include: emergency care, Lab or X-rays, Worker's Compensation Injuries, Insurance physicals, Vision problems, Court ordered tests, etc., Dental problems, etc. 

Other links available:

Shalom Free Clinic

Free Cooking classes for adults (English/Spanish/Hmong), OPT for Healthy Living. Visit: www.cachampionsforchange.net for healthy tips. 

Sierra Cascade Region for Champions for Change:

Get Cookin’ is a 6 week hands-on cooking class using the nationally renowned curriculum, Cooking Matters. These are free cooking and nutrition classes offered to low-income families in Chico, Oroville, and Thermalito in English, Spanish, and Hmong. During the once a week, 2 hour class, families improve their cooking skills and engage in nutrition education activities. Experience in the kitchen leads to learning how to incorporate healthy eating into their daily lives. A bag of groceries with the ingredients of the day’s recipe is given to each participating family. Families will learn how to eat healthy on a budget.
To sign up for a Get Cookin’ class series, call OPT for Healthy Living (see flyer). 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Outfit

No, I'm not dressed all in green this time but I did find some cute accessories. 

With this Shamrock pin, I'll be sure to have extra luck today!

It's the Luck O' the Irish!

Also, this green patterned tie will ensure that I don't get pinched by any leprechauns.


With a rose corduroy jacket by Old Navy, this outfit can go anywhere with style.

Sunglasses by: Guess
Shoes by Hush Puppies
Bought at: Bootleg, Downtown Chico

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Outfit of the Day #2

Whoops, I guess this is really Outfit of the Day #3 (see Spring Wardrobe).

Tea Time at Empire Coffee

I got this outfit at Shalom Free Thrift Store ($15!). It's by Mic Mac. I love the print design and the bright blue color. It's the 60's style, mod print. 

Perfect to get me in the mood for spring. Though it's a bit hot to wear it with the black turtle neck I was wearing.

By the way, this is the outfit I wore when I went to Home At Last Thrift & Gift, to take pictures. 

I'm so glad I found two guys to model clothes for me, because shopping should be for all genders! Thanks again to Jack and Jon!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home At Last Thrift And Gift

This is a great place to find clothing! I drove by this place some time ago and had reviewed it for The Synthesis. 

Today I stopped in again to look for shoe racks--you can never have enough shoes.

Jack, CSU Student
Thrift shopping isn't just for women, there are plenty of men's clothing also. In fact, I found a couple of guys to model some outfits for me.

Jack, my first model, had never been in a thrift store before. He and his friends drove by Thrift & Gift to check out what they had.

Shirt by GAP
Pants by Halden

Front Design
When asked if he would wear this outfit everyday, Jack said, "The Pants, yeah...not the shirt." Jack's not a graphic tee guy.

Back Design

But that's okay, anyone else who likes graphic tees would probably like the selection at Thrift & Gift.

Jon, CSU Student
Jon, also a CSU student was nice enough to try on this outfit.

The belt really sets off the shorts with a casual flair that isn't too confining. 

Shirt by Alfani Pants by GFStudio

He said he'd wear this outfit for going out to dinner.

Here are other outfits I found in various sizes.

Black & White Elegance that's classy for a night out on the town.

Sophisticated outfit for the office or afternoon shopping. 

Time for clubbing in this sexy one-piece. Pair it with shiny pants (or jeans for a casual look). 

Helen Anderson, the owner, came to Chico from Canada a few years ago. She volunteered with Home At Last Sanctuary for horses in Yankee Hill. 

Home At Last Thrift & Gift opened almost two years ago and proceeds from the thrift shop benefits the horse sanctuary. 

They have a boutique room, women's clothing with jewelry made by a local artist, men's clothing, furniture, sport equipment, books, magazines and horse tack. 

Home At Last Thrift & Gift
611 Walnut St. Chico (Hwy 32 and 6th St.)
Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday


Spring Wardrobe

Finally spring is here so I can take out my colorful outfits and enjoy the warmer weather. 

I decided to take a photo op at the Stansbury Home in downtown Chico. 

I'm wearing a Chinese inspired white shirt and a decorative skirt in patch-work design. It's the perfect outfit for walking around in springtime.

My style is inspired by found items at the thrift store matched with colorful prints and unique accessories.

I'm still focusing on my purple theme for spring so I'm always finding new ways to accessorize. 

It's so easy to find something dressy for springtime!

See what you can find...

Enjoy the warm weather!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit of the Day #1

My friend suggested that I do an outfit of the day. So I'm going to start posting my favorite outfits here, along with accessories and jewelry.

The weather was a bit chilly, so I just went to the park for a quick pic-taking opportunity. 

I'm wearing a lace shirt by Eyelash Couture. Lace pants by Chico's. 

My headband is a favorite accessory. I like to add vintage clips in back as a nice detail. 

I usually don't style my hair much but I do like to keep it out of the way (when it isn't windy). 

 The 60's style bouffant is coming back as well as some mod looks that were popular then. 

My hairstyle is a modified bouffant with my headband (though the wind is blowing it around).

My favorite eyeliner is purple glitter by Milan. 

Purple is my spring color and it's very popular right now.

I'll be covering purple trends in my next post for the Spring Edition!

You can also reply and send your own inspirations for fashion.

I recently checked out Jenny Girl's Fashion Blog (+Jenny Thurman ), another fashion blogger here in Chico, CA. I found her business cards at Labelz, during the Spring Preview.

I recommend checking out her blog. She posts regular pics of herself and different outfits, including the places she shops.


She also has a Fashionista Challenge, where you can submit your pics along with hers as she embarks on her 'fashion adventure'. Hope to see your pics there too!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful Apparel brings high-fashion clothing to Chico. Designer dresses, bags, shoes and jewelry can be found at this unique shop in the Mangrove Plaza, next to Safeway.

Joan Sill, the owner, manages Hello Beautiful and is always on the lookout for new designs and designers. Some are from New York, like the jewelry designer Amrita Singh.

New Spring items have come in. The trend is big jewelry, bright colorful prints and sheer fabric designs. 

There are also a number of fun accessories and perfect gift items.

Pashmina scarves are always in fashion and Hello Beautiful has them.

More bags will be coming in soon!

Great jewelry and watches are very fashionable too.

A place to sit and put all your shopping bags down for a bit.

Hello Beautiful also has ADA compliant dressing rooms. 

My favorite product, from Lavender Ranch!

Clip on earrings are back in style. 

Need a place to hang your jewelry?

Check these cute stands out! 

                            More great items...

Hello Beautiful
704 Mangrove Avenue
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday