Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home At Last Thrift And Gift

This is a great place to find clothing! I drove by this place some time ago and had reviewed it for The Synthesis. 

Today I stopped in again to look for shoe racks--you can never have enough shoes.

Jack, CSU Student
Thrift shopping isn't just for women, there are plenty of men's clothing also. In fact, I found a couple of guys to model some outfits for me.

Jack, my first model, had never been in a thrift store before. He and his friends drove by Thrift & Gift to check out what they had.

Shirt by GAP
Pants by Halden

Front Design
When asked if he would wear this outfit everyday, Jack said, "The Pants, yeah...not the shirt." Jack's not a graphic tee guy.

Back Design

But that's okay, anyone else who likes graphic tees would probably like the selection at Thrift & Gift.

Jon, CSU Student
Jon, also a CSU student was nice enough to try on this outfit.

The belt really sets off the shorts with a casual flair that isn't too confining. 

Shirt by Alfani Pants by GFStudio

He said he'd wear this outfit for going out to dinner.

Here are other outfits I found in various sizes.

Black & White Elegance that's classy for a night out on the town.

Sophisticated outfit for the office or afternoon shopping. 

Time for clubbing in this sexy one-piece. Pair it with shiny pants (or jeans for a casual look). 

Helen Anderson, the owner, came to Chico from Canada a few years ago. She volunteered with Home At Last Sanctuary for horses in Yankee Hill. 

Home At Last Thrift & Gift opened almost two years ago and proceeds from the thrift shop benefits the horse sanctuary. 

They have a boutique room, women's clothing with jewelry made by a local artist, men's clothing, furniture, sport equipment, books, magazines and horse tack. 

Home At Last Thrift & Gift
611 Walnut St. Chico (Hwy 32 and 6th St.)
Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday

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