Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashion Sneak Peek!

Here's my fashion video!

Tips on the latest fashions without spending a fortune.

Blouse and skinny jeans from Thrift Queen
Go out tonight in style!

Dress it up for evening in a silver lamé cardigan, worn over a dress and skinny jeans, it makes the perfect ensemble.
Cardigan from Thrift Queen
Dress from BOHO

Make your own flirty style in a sequined half-vest and a lace skirt over your dress.
Add your own jewelry and accessories for a formal flair. 
Outfit from BOHO for under $30!

Show your quirky style! 
With combat boots and a bolero hat.
Boots from Forever 21

Total spent at Thrift Queen: $30
Total spent at BOHO: $25

Silver Lamé cardigan, as seen in, Coolspotters:

Victoria Beckham

 Combat boots, seen in, Lucky 21 
Celebrities in Combat Boots

Bolero Hats are Back!
As seen in:
Ralph Lauren

---Have Fun With Fashion!

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  1. Your fashion sense is way better than the cat
    I'm big enough to admit that