Monday, January 28, 2013

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea, (Chinese: 菊花茶; pinyin: júhuā chá)

I picked this up at an asian market (99 Cents Only) in Concord, CA. I tried the packaged version but never the actual Chrysanthemum blossoms, which smell very nice.

Tian Hu Shan, the brand, also feature Rose tea, another great tasting tea that I highly recommend. 

You can put the tea blossoms into a pot and pour boiling water over them to steep. Be sure to filter out the blossoms before you pour, otherwise it will clog the tea pot spout. You may steep the blossoms many times but the flavor will not be as strong. 

Chrysanthemum tea is very sweet and you don't really need sugar for it. Honey is the best choice if you like your tea sweeter.

The rose teas are often more strong, so I suggest not steeping the blossoms for too long. The tea consists of actual rose-buds, sometimes mixed with green tea. 

You can find more tea information at:

Steepster is an online community dedicated to sharing information about teas. 

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