Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit of the Day #1

My friend suggested that I do an outfit of the day. So I'm going to start posting my favorite outfits here, along with accessories and jewelry.

The weather was a bit chilly, so I just went to the park for a quick pic-taking opportunity. 

I'm wearing a lace shirt by Eyelash Couture. Lace pants by Chico's. 

My headband is a favorite accessory. I like to add vintage clips in back as a nice detail. 

I usually don't style my hair much but I do like to keep it out of the way (when it isn't windy). 

 The 60's style bouffant is coming back as well as some mod looks that were popular then. 

My hairstyle is a modified bouffant with my headband (though the wind is blowing it around).

My favorite eyeliner is purple glitter by Milan. 

Purple is my spring color and it's very popular right now.

I'll be covering purple trends in my next post for the Spring Edition!

You can also reply and send your own inspirations for fashion.

I recently checked out Jenny Girl's Fashion Blog (+Jenny Thurman ), another fashion blogger here in Chico, CA. I found her business cards at Labelz, during the Spring Preview.

I recommend checking out her blog. She posts regular pics of herself and different outfits, including the places she shops.


She also has a Fashionista Challenge, where you can submit your pics along with hers as she embarks on her 'fashion adventure'. Hope to see your pics there too!

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